About Taylor, Deacon, and James Law Office

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Taylor, Deacon and James is an amalgamation of two Law Firms namely; Deacon and James (1988) and Janet Taylor & Co. (1990). This amalgamation took effect on February 1, 1991. Over the Eighteen (18) years since the Firm has been in operation, it has garnered a wealth of experience in the areas of Civil Litigation, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Family Law, Conveyance, Probate and Administration. These disciplines have been a part of the practice of the senior partners since 1992.

The Firm is on various panels of Attorneys-at-Law providing legal services for a number of corporate clients in several areas of law including industrial relations and commercial law. The Firm is also on the panel of several financial institutions on behalf of whom we register mortgages and provide advice on conveyance matters.

Taylor, Deacon and James specialize in real estate, wills and estate, and family law. Our caring, compassionate, and tough lawyers are sensitive to your financial situation, the need to plan a will for you or a loved one, and personal family affairs that often involve children. We understand that you need someone on your side and want you to know we are--100%, no matter what the situation is. If you aren’t sure what legal action you want to take or how to move forward with a claim against you, consult with us and gain our no obligation advice. Our staff is educated and experienced and always stays up to date on the latest practices and changes in law.

Taylor, Deacon and James is the owner of a modern office complex situated at 52 Duke Street, Kingston, which houses its law offices and other business offices. It also has in place professional indemnity insurance to a limit of Ten Million Dollars ($10,000,000.00).

We keep you in the loop from the first step to the last and make ourselves available to answer questions at any time. If your case involves a type of law or situation that is out of our range of resources, we will refer you to the best place to take care of what you need. Remember that even though dealing with legal issues can be overwhelming, it is better to take action and seek advice sooner rather than later—request a consultation on our site or give us a call.

Taylor, Deacon & James • 52 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica • (876) 924-9124